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updated September 8, 2016

August 2016 - Letter from Executive Secretary to Representatives

Nominations for 2016 View here.

2016 FWCC Clerks Handbook Download here.

2016 FWCC Representatives Handbook Download here.

Executive Committee Report to Section View here

Job descriptions for all committees, working groups, program groups and resource groups:

Need help giving an introduction to FWCC?
Click here for a bilingual slide presentation!
[powerpoint, 6.6MB]

Sample Reports to Yearly Meeting Sessions - We encourage Reps to make reports
and send them to us to share!
2016 Report to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
2016 Report to Intermountain Yearly Meeting

Strategic Plan 2015-2020 "Weaving the Tapestry" Read here. [pdf, 470kb, 15 pages]

Review the Section's work plan for 2013-2015 here.

Review the budget for Fiscal Years 2016-2017 here.

Review the budget revisions for Fiscal Year 2017 here.

Guidelines for working in bilingual committees.
With a new focus on integrating FWCC's committees to include representatives from throughout the Section of the Americas, we have created some helpful guidelines for how to participate in committee meetings, conference calls or web conferences that are conducted bilingually. Click here for the guidelines. Consult FWCC's Quaker Glossary when you want to know the translation for Quaker terms, organizational names and more. The Friendly Conference Interpreter: Interpreting and Public speaking at International Quaker Gatherings by K. Renato Lings, 2011, is another useful resource for preparing to work in bilingual committees.

News updates for reps
Welcome to this page! We'll post information that is meant primarily for reps here, but remember to keep checking the public website regularly, too, for information on upcoming events, etc. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us.

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